Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Timing and Rhythm are very important present part of animation. By using the human perception instinct, they can exhibit those parts that cannot be directly represented in the animation.

On the one hand, timing provides a perceptual reference for the attributes of motion . Accumulation of knowledge and empirical cognition of human being can let people form an instinctive cognition of the basic movement development of objects. For example, we can “feel” that some motions are full of impact, and some of them are mild and gentle. In fact, the macroscopic performance of acceleration in modern physics can explain the scientific knowledge behind this, and what artists need is to apply them to artistic works.

On the other hand, rhythm is the key to organizing different actions. We know that any complex action can be divided into many simple actions. For example, in a motion, timing gives the actions attributes such as speed and strength, while rhythm combines them into a more complex action, and in the process makes the combination of actions more harmonious and balanced. In practice, rhythm can be used not only in action, but also in space, color, music, and even storytelling. Rhythm is a unconflicted and rational combination of opposing elements such as movement and stillness, fast and slow, bright and dark, tension and relaxation.

Based on those idea, I made a loop GIF of Shishi-odoshi, a kind of Japanese courtyard decoration, to present my opinion about how to combine the timing and rhythm.

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Published On: 01/11/2021