Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

A brief about my game, I am building a 2D platformer game inside of Unity, with everything made inside the Unity engine, from rigs to animations and lights. I am not building this game for my Studio 3 but had planned for it during my Professional Pre-Production class and am looking to build it in the future. So, I am using IOL as a testing phase for what is to be used in the game.

The aim for my test this week was to try out looping animations inside of Unity. I generated a simple run cycle inside of Unity, using a character sprite and rig that I created in a previous class. This was my first time creating a 2D animation inside of Unity using Unity's animation tool. The process was straightforward forward and everything was done through keyframing. I also created a loop cycle for the day and night cycle using C#, which was more familiar ground for me. I also wanted to create tree movement loops using the forces inside of Unity, but that experiment was not so successful.

I like how the run cycle turned out, there are some things that I want to fix but I am happy that I could make it look like the character was running. I am going to try out different forms to see if I can create a bunch of different run cycles that I can use in combination with the above cycle. As for the day-night cycle, I like how the day aspect turned out but I'm not that happy with the night part. The night looks dark and I feel like adding in some cool light will help how the environment looks. Also, adding in a moon that floats from right to left after the sunsets, might make the game looks much better.


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By Atul Shakya
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Published On: 08/04/2021