Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

The procedure of my animation is nearing the end, and my biggest concern is about the rendering settings and renders times.

I made two versions of the render settings, and different render settings will affect the render time. Since I'll be using a render farm for rendering, I have to make sure that 6 files and 12 cameras are all correct. I'm a very sloppy person, I always find a problem in the middle of my rendering and start over. So I need to be very careful this time because render farms are very expensive and re-renders means I need to pay again if there’s something wrong.

There are multiple things I need to pay attention to the skydome lighting settings, the floor setting (the reflection might go wrong), the camera settings, and the frame numbers for each camera.

For each camera in each file, I render at the initial frame, intermediate frame, and final frame, for making sure the lighting and render settings are consistent.

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By Zhang Jingyi (Vida)
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Published On: 24/10/2022