Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

I really enjoyed this exercise. We were encouraged to consider moments of pause and stillness in our work, and generate three responses with different constraints. 

  • one where environment is the focus
  • one where character is the focus
  • one where character in environment is the focus


Stillness is an incredibly valuable tool in animation, especially in building aniticipation and tension. For my project, it will be also important in highlighting moments of thought in my characters, especially with regard to the more reserved scenes from the adult perspective. I believe that a contrast of stillness and motion also helps bolster the effectiveness of the latter. If a scene is just constant motion, it becomes monotonous and hard to follow. Pause in the animation gives an audience a chance to ingest what they are seeing and truly appreciate it. This is true for comedy as well as more somber moments, and will be especially effective in my short featuring a child playing dress-up in their parent's wardrobe. 

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By Evan Mc Innes
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Published On: 16/05/2019






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