Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Animate an infinite block of four season cubes rising based on Shapiro’s Golden Ratio (Fibonacci Sequence) method. (discussed earlier in Related Works)

-Create 4 identical cubes that represent 4 seasons and size it according to “The golden Ratio”.
-Create multiple instances to figure out the point where the camera scales from.
-Animate the camera using scale properties and adjust the animation tracking curve so that it can loop seamlessly.

After many attempts to make the loops seamless, I realise there is a big problem with this scaling camera effect. The lighting needs to be placed within the scene, rather than pointing towards the scene, in order for the beginning and end frame to look similar and has the same lighting values. I may explore how to fix this issue later, especially if I want to use glossy and transparent materials.

The collection of smaller looping animations will be added on the surface of each cube. I will explore in the upcoming weeks and test how they look together when combined.

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By Nhu Bui
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Published On: 10/06/2022