Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

A continuation from my reflection feedback for the prototype post, I created a moodboard that further elaborates on my project intention.

My moodboard meanders towards the stylistic feature that focuses on silhouettes and caricatures. My idea behind this was to (Stop and) exclude all other visual senses that may aid the viewer to feel and be directed in a certain way by tapering all focus just on the movement. I would like to effectively (Start and) depict the trials and tribulations the character endures as they interact with the object.

The character does not necessarily have to be human, or even have anthropomorphic features. The design is not set in stone but my moodboard is just one iteration of influences I have come across. The main focus of the moodboard is to pose the question of whether I could elude the assistance of facial expression or dialogue and just rely on a monochromatic figurine to (Keep and) hone my technique of posing, staging, anticipation, and so forth for animation. I also thought of using the colors to personify the emotions the character steer towards during his ordeal. I would like to avoid embroidering the project (one reason why I wanted to use silhouettes) as I still need to keep in mind the scope of a minor project within 12 weeks.

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By JeeHoon Oh
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Published On: 07/03/2018




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