Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

A second demo video of Heartree, and a chance for me to test all the final components of Heartree before filming, including running Heartree purely via my laptop's battery power, bluetooth speaker and 5m USB cable.

Incorporated the updated tree trunk sensor (with the white rim light and red heartbeats), all wires for the ropes are now cut to length, and video documented how Heartree works touching multiple ropes at the same time (a common question asked by others when they viewed the first demo video). Also managed to fix an issue with the heartbeat LED lights sometimes appearing dimmer than normal.

Some reflections:

  • Really glad I went through this process of setting up Heartree a second time before the actual filming day. I managed to pick up some underlying issues and fix them (e.g. dimmed LED lights, switching laptop battery power to full performance, etc.).
  • Multiple rope sensors work, but can be finnicky when working at full scale (it works consistently at the Arduino level using jumper wires). Will have to do some more thorough testing after submissions when I have more time.
  • Wished I had more time before submissions to refine the prototype a bit more... but given the limited time, this will have to do. Would love to continue to work on Heartree after the semester ends - phase two - where I can tweak the sound levels a bit more, optimise the code, etc.

Sound design by the amazing Israel Carter.