Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
An exploration into loops as forms of movement for animation and an iterative process . My project for studio one was a selection of looped animation vignettes, by the semesters end a consistent theme of environmental degradation and an earth at the whims of external forces had emerged.  
Within this studio I have decided to craft a series of short animated loops. During the production phase of folio one a consistent theme emerge, where by which the earth was used as an object to drive the narratives in thees loops. I have enjoyed using this theme to help direct design decisions and plan on continuing this aspect so that the loops will have a connecting element to group them as a larger whole. The ability to use these series of animations to make a larger statement about how we as race interact with out environment is a strong motivator to progress and continued theme across each individual piece. As an adjusted framework for the final studio outcome I plan on creating 4 main/polished animated loops as well as various animation tests as a natural concurrence of the integration process. This goal is extrapolated from what I was able to achieve within folio one where the value on spending more time for refinement and iteration became quickly apparent.  

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By Justin Jattke
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Published On: 31/10/2021