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Rationale and Context: 
Blockchain works with HEX's which look like - 0xe5bca0e88ba5e78699e68891e788b1e4bda0efbc8ce5be88e788b1 . 
This is a cryptographically immutable message embedded in blockchain forever. Ascii format which us humans can read is converted to HEX when a message is sent which computers can read and crypt , however we ofc cannot read HEXadecimals. 
 After achieving to get properties in unity from blockchain, I'm looking at converting input - This is the property where you can send text messages embedded in blockchain. -  HEX input to ASCII/UTF-8. .

PLAY - This system can be seen as a digital form of scriptures or like carving something on a wall of the monument, to wish someone, to express something to make a memory that cannot be removed unless the monument is removed or reformed.. In this case unless the internet in removed from the world or ethereum blockchain is removed from everywhere on the internet. 

political - As discussed in previous posts, blockchains can also present an uncensored form of journalism and freedom of speech, which has become very important. Media and laws around media and forms of speech may sometimes play these games of censoring and molding the content accordingly to what may benefits the power and can corrupted to use it against the right. I'm personally not a judge of what's right and wrong but do believe people should have the right to express their own side of things, and this art is a form is about spreading awareness of the tech and a platform if someone is stuck in those extreme situations. One can choose to stay anonymous too (know about privacy coins and breaking the chain of discovery in cryptos)
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Following from previous post , here I looked at looking at converting HEX to UTF8, A handy reource:

I got stuck at a point that would always give formatexception error in unity. after going through tons of resources, I realized the problem was the first letter 0 at front of crypto HEX's. all blockchain hex, starts with a 0x. Just had to remove the 0 before processing. 


I'm able to convert and get messages from each block, however Unity is unable to read and display different languages characters, in the next posts ill try to fix that.. 


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By Sahaj Garg
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Published On: 02/07/2020