Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
" A VR creature breeding and husbandry simulator, where you can create mini worlds for virtual animals "
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Critter Keeper is a Interactive Virtual reality reptile husbandry simulator, with a focus on crafting miniature ecosystems to care for the needs of specific animals.If these needs are met the player is able to breed these creatures selling the offspring in order to grow their collection and habitats.

Inquiry Question:

"Could the process of crafting living environments in virtual reality and connecting with creatures from their point of view  promote awareness on the current problems within our natural world ?"


"The process of creating miniature ecosystems in order to give captive creatures the most natural life possible is one that is both meditative and rewarding. I am investigating 3D real time NPR animation & interactive game design for virtual reality. Ultimately evaluating how these might be able to sustain player interest for the long term. "


The path of this investigation contributes to its field by taking a deeper look at the nuances that sell creature movement in VR. As well as the sorts of mechanics possible when developing interactive User interfaces inside virtual reality. Ultimately the measurement for success will be in the players generated interest for the creatures and natural environments displayed within the piece as well as their real world counterparts." 

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By Justin Jattke
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Published On: 31/10/2021