Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

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Flipbook Version -


Forces - to consider the forces imposed by the environment, tools and materials that apply to our work.

3 Rules (Forces):

  1. Keep the character’s eyes open
  2. The main character should dance
  3. Include a love story 


Suite Greek Dance -

I was inspired by the audio-visuals playing in the background of class as I drew my rules from the hat, particularly this dance, bringing with it the idea of courting a love interest through dance.

Dragon Ball Super Flip-Book Animation -

The most complex flip-book animation that I have see, which has made a lasting impression on my mind. While I don’t intend on making anything this complex, I would like to create my own flip-book animation using simpler characters and actions.


I will produce a short flip-book animation that involves two eyeball characters, one of which shall court the other through a mating ritual dance.


Initially I considered creating digital character puppets from illustrations similar to my Week 3 submission, which I would animate in Toon Boom Harmony. I decided to move away from this method and into a flip-book animation instead as I could achieve the same product (an animation) through a less conventional method and try something new.

After planning the key poses via thumbnails, I created a composition template, tore up a sheet of paper to create the frames, and began drawing. I made sure to keep the previous frame underneath the current frame as I drew so as to seep the characters’ scale and feet positions consistent.

My physical flip-book didn’t flip efficiently, meaning that particular frames would often be skipped due to the ragged edges of the torn paper. To compensate for this I captured the frames in a stop-motion phone app and exported the animation as a gif.

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By Ben Mansur
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Published On: 08/05/2019




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