Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Theme: Forces 

Three rules:

walk without legs

it's slippy(slipper)

realisticly impossible


think about the concept of realistically: the best way for things to be realistically impossible is to have it disobey the physical rules of the world; but what is really impossible? I think whatever I present, the way things being pieced together is realistic; regardless how ridiculous it is, it makes sense to me. In this case, I can actually have a concept and try to find a opposite point to it.

I explored the slippery and “walk without” legs idea a bit and realized that the eel fish can be an interesting idea to work on, they have a texture I’m obsessed with; and what does a eel do? it shoves its head into holes, and I immediately thought about the shocking scene in The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass; fishermen catch eel by throwing a horse head into the sea, the eels would burrow into the skull and be pulled out of water along with the head.

Thus I thought about having the eels in the skull of their verbal resonance, a slippery and dodgy businessman or politician; and with that idea reversed, a businessman/politician will be shoved into the head of an innocent eel, which is obviously realistically impossible unless people manage to hybrid an eel that large and find a successful human being who is willing to do that.


After seeing Innocent's work yesterday I want to make some Japanese-styled stuff; thus I made this short piece conbining all my thoughts on this subject. Which turns out interesting. I studied quite a bit about how a eel moves, and the I really love the palette which is oversaturated and suits my imagination of retro paintings and stuff.

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By Yao Shunyuan
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Published On: 08/05/2019


CPS week 9