Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity



- Use only 3 colours 

- Visualise Sounds 

- Watercolour brushes 


Trying to create artificial Synesthetic paintings. Through textures, vibrations and colours. Some of my works are Inspired by Andre Hemer and his vibrant paintings, 


Creating illustrations while listening to specific tune and hue that the song gives off.


When choosing the three rules for my week’s theme, I tried to stay away from what I’m comfortable with. I usually tend to stay away from anything sound related, for me, It was quite hard to connect my artwork with sounds, and I always choose a very static and safe option for my work. Due to this matter, I chose this rule to face It head on.  

Initially, I thought of literally visualise sound using a video that presents the work with the ‘sounds’ that Im using. However during the course of the week, I was Inspired by the Idea of synesthesia and how some artists manipulate this ability to create stunning artworks. While listening to a few songs from the same album ‘Heads In the Clouds II’, I tried to create some ‘paintings’ that could represent what I think I see when I listen to them. 

Shouldn’t couldn’t wouldn’t Is dominated by the colour purple, as It starts with a bit of a sensual note. Gold Coast Is mostly orange and yellow, as the song feels warm and summery, and a perfect song to be accompanied by a sunset. Indigo has a sad tone to It, but It also sounded fierce and strong.  

I tried to corporate some textures Into the pieces to differentiate the feelings that I want to portray through the paintings. I want to I subtly create an atmosphere that the colours and vibrations represent

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By Clarice Tan
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Published On: 26/10/2019