Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity




Initially thinking of creating something similar to the day and night cycle in games. But somehow my focus shift on the melting candle.

Game’s day and night cycles.

Stardew Valley:  17 minutes for a full day cycle.

Breath of the Wild: 24 minutes for a full 24 hour In game


​2D animation using Procreate to Illustrate a melting character


Speaking of time, my animation was Inspired by the concept of time In video games. With the examples that were given throughout the presentation, I wanted to simulate the same feeling through my animations.

During this week, I was also exploring Ideas for my Studio 1 and It happened to be the many things that my character could do (or could be) while she stands on the edge of the pier. I wanted to animate something that would come of as a surprise for the viewers. I decided to make the character melts. Looking at something slowly melting, for example, a candle, would usually indicate that a certain time has passed. Hopefully through the slow phases of her melting to nothingness could give off the same sense of meaning of time for the viewers. It could be a few seconds for us, but to have the character melts off all of her features, it must've been a long process in the character's situation.

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By Clarice Tan
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Published On: 26/10/2019