Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Theme: Time as Material


I immediately thought about a Czechoslovak movie named Happy End, by Oldřich Lipský, when the theme of time is brought up. The movie is a completely reversed in it’s time sequence; but the narration is built on what the screen tells the audience: an affair becomes two people breaking up; death becomes the beginning of life.

It is interesting because regardless how we piece things together, modify the inner time of the narrative; it goes on in the time in the outside world. And according to Tim Maudlin(, time coincides with the rules of the physical world; and since it is an inherent element of any process or anything that relates with expression of idea, we won’t even have the ability of understanding concepts, thus a modification of time does suit the media for humor purpose. It’s funny things can unhappening, and people are relieved from the consequence of their deed.(

Method: I take a eating footage of myself, and reverse it, add a narrative based on what I am doing with the food in the final result.

Response: I planned a bit for the footage, choosing the food and sequence of eating in order to show a sense of development in the “producing”; I also tried to behave ceremonially, to better pace the actions so that enough space was left for the commentary.

The sound was added the next day, since I couldn’t find a place quite enough for the recording, and after a round of practice, I made up the whole commentary thing according to the reversed footage.

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By Yao Shunyuan
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Published On: 03/05/2019


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