Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity




My first response was to a certain line that I heard before countless times through many Iterations through books nor movies, It goes something In the lines of “you can only reveal one’s true character when you put them In the most dire situation.” 


Animatics using Procreate for character animation. Storyboarding, in a way.


Inspired strongly by my initial thoughts on the events that shape this character, I created a simple animatic of a girl going through a snowy mountain. The mountain Itself Is already a challenge for the little girl, but then she trips and falls. I tried to conveyed a feeling of her In a state of panic, which she then overcame with the determination to live on and reach her goal.

I want to portray a strong character that didn’t give up, even though the situation look almost Impossible for her. Presented with the ending scene where she walks towards nothing but the shining sun.

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By Clarice Tan
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Published On: 26/10/2019