Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

For my reflective archive, I hand crafted a giant storybook out of foam, to create and reflect a playful and nostalgic adventure through Character, Place and Simulation. Each week through making, playing and exploring, I discovered new opportunities to create through my field of practice, in which an emerging theme of “storytelling” shone through. Although some weeks I was focused on an idea of creating a character and some an environment, through each different medium applied, storytelling was at the crux of every outcome, which is why I felt it appropriate to tie all my weekly exercises together through this idea of an oversized, fun and playful storybook. 

Although my main focus and idea behind creating the storybook was about storytelling and aiming to create an overall arching style across all the weekly themes within the one archival object, through creating a simplified child like version of each week. It essentially turned into a non-digital 3D piece within itself, and generated a new style for all the exercises and syncing them together as one. 

In week 4, I developed a clay monster and explored “place” through lighting. I decided to extract Clay from my folio and use him as my little adventurer and storyteller through Character, Place and Simulation. Each page relates to each weekly exercise in some way or another, for example for week 3 and found objects, my context was around finding inspiration through a 2D mosaic art piece - which is reflected within this scene, but using my skittle tree as the mosaic art piece to reflect the journey of how my skittle tree came about and in the lava scene, the way Clay is peering over the hill was inspired by one of the outcomes from my week 4 lighting scene with him in a box.

Note: no clay was harmed in the making of this book.

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By Amber Southall
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Published On: 23/10/2019


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