Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


My adventure in CPS class has given me the chance to explore the various aspects of methodology and mediums. The experiences encourage me to pick up my craft practice and carry on to fabricate physical objects rather than just digital. Furthermore, my music composing skill improves greatly. I am able to compose my own soundtrack using actual music theories.


For my archive project, I’ve decided to get crafty. I am going to make an installation art. The marionette will be entwined in red threads. The spiderweb dreamcatcher serves as a canvas for the marionette and the representative objects and symbols of each week topic. QR codes are attached to perspective objects and ready to be scanned if the audience wants to view the weekly products.


Max has asked me the reason why is that dinosaur/dragon is my choice. What is the significant meaning of the role which the dinosaur plays in my installation?

In a thorough manner, the dinosaur is meant to be the centerpiece. On a spiritual level, I personally feel a connection with the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs mean the past or something from the past that still echoes to present (Alexander, 2013). Like dinosaurs still roaming the Earth but not in actual physical forms as in the Jurassic era, what happened in my past still appears here and there to trigger my depression. Dinosaurs are what have helped made up my happy childhood memories. They influence me to follow my passions bravely without any fear because dinosaurs, gigantic and ferocious, they rule the land. They are fearless and proud. I am fearless and proud... Or at least, that is what I have perceived myself to be... Once upon a time. As a result, the model is a seemingly dinosaur skeleton. My negative thoughts are hard to fend off.

I guess the why question will target other elements on my installation as well. The following bullet points feature my explanations.

- Spiderweb: In southwestern America, spider is considered to be the creator goddess. Weaving is recognized as an honored art. Spider is also credited with giving humanity the first alphabet (Palmer, 2002). Nowadays, when a web is mentioned, usually, it represents the symbol of connection and communication. We communicate via the digital platform more often than physically face-to-face. The Internet is a thick web allowing people to “weave” their relationships and/or knowledge since they have access to almost everything. My marionette is tied to the spiderweb dreamcatcher. The dreamcatcher initially is intended to be the control for the marionette but due to the joint connection issues, it becomes the base that support the marionette and the weekly objects. The weekly objects are somewhat connected in the CPS course. Their connection is shown via the entangled threads linking all together every object on the spiderweb.

(insert img web inspector, network...)

- Red color and red strings: Red is the color of luck, happiness and protection (according to Hinduism). In Jewish belief, red strings bring wealth. In some culture, it means the thread of love. In my opinion, is the color that reflects fate. Blood is red. The read threads look like blood veins. For this installation, I choose red color and red string because there is something interesting about the red accent. It reminds me of several aesthetic scenes in which depicts the character who is trapped in his/her own confusion and defeated by some external impacts causing the mentality to pass out.

This whole thing makes me want to pass out! Look at all the efforts!!!

(blood vessels, red strings anime)


Alexander, S. (2013), “The Secret Power of Spirit Animals: Your Guide to Finding Your Spirit Animals and Unlocking the Truths of Nature”, Simon and Schuster.

Palmer, J., D. (2002), “Animal Wisdom: the definitive guide”, Element, pg. 313-320.

Andrews, T. (2010), “Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small”, Llewellyn Worldwide, pg. 344-347.


I start to weave the spiderweb with red wool because wool string is stronger and thicker than embroidery threads. Then I decorate the spiderweb with sequin strings. Then, I wrap red sewing threads around and tie tiny tassels that are made of red threads to create the wild spiderweb look.

Next, I make joints for the marionette so I can easily pose it. I tie the marionette to the web. I use both embroidery and sewing threads. I glue the sewing threads to the dinosaur’s body to fabricate an impression that the dinosaur has been wrapped around multiple times with red threads like spider’s prey being in caught by a gigantic spider. When the threading is done, I glue beads on the dinosaur to give it a distinct look.

Side notes: Before I resort to use beads, I have tried to make my own crystals. Due to the resin resource shortage, I use clear Elmer’s glue as an alternative but fail. The substance does not thicken but peels off. I attempt a lot of different batches, still the same result. Perhaps I need hardener substance. But I wonder where can I find it...  (Insert img test)

Then, I add rhinestones for the eyes of the dinosaur because the eyes are windows to the soul. Despite that it’s a skeleton-look-alike sort of marionette, I still want it to have a touch of life.

It has been challenging to find which object to represent the perspective week. I have to consider all kind of symbols from different cultures and religions in case there are abstract concepts or concept about non-physical things. The QR code are glued on the objects to lead audience to the weekly documentation.

Side notes:

Week 1: Observation: I observe a plant. I go to campus to get the plant’s leaf.

Week 2: Tinkering: I make a tune. I decide to export my tune to music sheet. Old school sharing sounds before high-tech even exists.

Week 3: Found objects: I have made two à-la-carte menus. Why not make a main menu?

Week 4: World: As my sequence of clips’ tittle “Through the butterfly’s wings”, since the monarch butterfly wings are a pain to cut, I cutout one wing only and pretty it up.

Week 5: CharacterEventPlace: I have thought of masks. I attempt to do 3D origami mask. But I do tarot card instead: fast, efficient, less complicated and to the point.

Week 6: Object oriented ontology: I have made a party invitation card for the OOO partaayyy. I hit a block and do not know which object to pick for the topic. OOO sounds fun (not).

Week 7: Time: I hit a block again. Then I think of the connection between my graphs and time. Then I come up with a sticky note reminding deadline.

Week 8: Force: For this topic, I use light to make the work so the theme will be focusing on light. I use light symbol in electric diagram and make another tarot card. All tarot cards go well with seemingly eerie stuffs.


My fingers hurt from all the weaving. It has been a rough challenge without proper tools and materials but I have overcome it all. This peculiar “dreamcatcher/marionette”  will be at the EXPO so I have spent extra time and effort perfecting it in my best capability.

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