Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

I have mostly made 3d objects as part of my contribution to the CPS weekly exercises. I wanted to continue working on my little project for studio1, so, for the archive, I have made a short environment where I have placed my CPS objects across the vast abstract space.

Initially, I wanted to create a train that will take the player to different stops where the player gets off and explore my weekly exercises. But, I believe putting the player in the first person and enabling them to interact with the objects by themselves is more immersive. On the other hand, considering the limited time I had to compile this into an archive, I chose to just stick with the exploration thing.

Week 01 - Observation - Black and pink sculptures

Week 02 - Tinkering - Move boxes in Unity

Week 03 - Found Objects - Mosquito plug as a UFO

Week 04 - Place - Toilet and a coffee cup

Week 05 - Objects - Human fossil terrain, post-apocalyptic

Week 07 - Events - Wine barrel

Week 08 - Time - Sphere as the earth, stars surrounding

Week 09 - Forces - Animating a cube, laws: One shape only, Objects have Liquid inside, Extremely Fragile 

For detailed explanations about the Contexts behind these works, please refer to their respective CPS posts.

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By Umang Jadav
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Published On: 27/10/2019




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