Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Cps week 7

  1. In response to this week’s theme, I made a video concept using Adobe Premiere pro, Adobe after Effects and Autodesk Maya. The 3d models are created in Maya. They were then rendered upon completion. For the video, I had been shooting time lapse videos throughout the day for one complete day. I had been shooting time lapse videos every hour through the window of my apartment. I have captured and combined one whole day. These videos were compiled in Adobe Premiere pro and further, they were compiled with the 3d model in After Effects. I have not used any fancy equipment for shooting this video I just used my phones to do so. Documentation of the whole project has also been included in the post. Initially, I also worked on a concept that had a 3d animated watch on the top of the videos that represented time. I had created the complete video but it did not turn out very well because it did not look too great aesthetically and also the 3d animation and video did not match very well and also the video was very heavy (approximately 8 GB). The previously rendered video which I discarded can be accessed here.

  1. By doing so and working on this video, I have worked with this week’s theme, “time”. I have developed and worked on the concept of how time lapses throughout the day when we are busy on our phones and how we waste time in our day to day schedule. Additionally, this concept also deals with our world these days that is confined to our phones for most of us. While the day just goes away. Furthermore, it shows our loneliness in today’s world! It shows how busy and lonely we have become at the same time in today’s world even though we have gadgets, we are still alone. Stillness of the hand in the video indicates loneliness, helplessness and how numb we have become with technology around us! It represents how we are the slaves of the technology now. This video concept is also a symbolic way to capture time. The phone represents our presence in the virtual world. The video represents the time in the actual world and the hands represents our own self in the real world, we are present there physically, but not mentally.

  1. Similar work has been created by Anna Frants, whose work “Shadows”, works with the concept of time. She is an artist living in New York and sometimes Russia. Her work turns the abstract idea of time to visual time and her work is really attractive and worth looking at. Another example of such works related to time has been created by Alexandra Dementieva, an artist who works mostly on research. The artist created a work called “Breathless”. This art work deals with the concept of noise and air. The work shows the output only after a person comes and interacts with it in real time and it is a wonderful piece of art as well as a great depiction on time.

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