Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Sound is a crucial part of creating presence, and more importantly, a shortcut to the heart. After adding sounds and fixing all the bugs from the previous prototypes, my prototype is quite successful now and is nearly complete.

: The sound design is the combination of realistic and magical sound effects, especially the choice of Vietnamese spring music before 1975 as the theme song to evoke nostalgic feelings in the local audience.

It’s great to see how adding these more symbolic elements to the scene really help to bring about a sense of celebration. The little magical fireflies perhaps will be better in a gold color or neon style along their length to highlight that celebration aspect more. I could also play with the scale aspect of these individual elements. ie have them start small and expand as time goes on until they reach their final sizes. 

Next steps
Introduce an introductory moment before entering the AR experience, which states the significance of the process. ( UI Design) Improve on the transform animation of the cake, which is currently emitting blue smoke. Adding neon lights to the fireflies' tail texture.

About This Work

By Nhu Bui
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Published On: 10/06/2022