Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Material & Inmaterial


light is a kind of Immaterial which can’t be touched and caught. It can be seen but no one can keep it. We decided to record the light moving trail which changes it into the material. 

This animation is composed of 1,012 light painted, long exposure photographs all drawn by hand with light. Motion during the long exposure produces streaks in the starry background, director take photos for each keyframe in the same place and superimposes photos over one another. in this proposition, the director can generate animation whatever he wants.


We will buy 5 flashlights and use it to draw in a dark environment. So we will go to the national park and find a field to take photos. Jenny is in charge of photography and uses long exposures to take pictures. others choose one theme to make animation. I choose to draw a crawling snake underground and asked Wayne to help me finish it. I also participated in Jenny's, Pheobe's project. 


I really enjoy the production process because I collaborate with 6 people and make it into a big project! It is anew way to let me rethink the possibility of animation. as an animator, I think it is important to try different ways and explore them based on these tests. What's more, I think some times inmaterial is a good theme for us to use in animation because it is a a relatively new subject when it change to a touchable and visible material.

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By Ang Li
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Published On: 16/10/2019