Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Interactive video allows audiences to take the story to where they want it, thus changing the way of linear narrative. Interactive video can take infinite forms. You can test the audience, control the viewing angle, play the content, click the menu and interactive storyline, and let them choose their own adventure.

No matter which form it takes, all interactive videos can share creativity with viewers. This is different from the traditional linear video. In the traditional linear video, the participation of the audience is limited to watching. And interactive video really let the audience participate in the trend of the story. This immersive way can increase the authenticity and interest of the story.


Firstly, we write an outline together to decide the story direction of the story, each option has different brunches and lead to different endings. Then we draw some simple pictures as background for the video. After that, si and I hold the characters respectively and play the roles, wayne is charge of photography. At last, we will upload the video on a website. This website allows users to make interactive video, so we can use this function to achieve our goal.


The traditional liner video doesn't have any space for the audience to take part in, some times we anxious about the characters but can/t do anything when watching a film. Interactive video can let the audience make decisions for the character thus build up the personality. It is also different from game which is mainly focused on storytelling, so the audience only needs to make decisions at the key point. The production process is very enjoyable, it is anticipated to see the audience response.

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Published On: 16/10/2019