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play and place


This week we need to respond play and place. The theme is same as CPD theme in this week but we need to respond place by play way in APD work, so it really spend me long time. I really have no idea about what should I do to explain the place and I had thought that maybe I can use same work as CPD's work. Finally when I doing some research, I find out there are some beautiful and dreamlike room made by drawing and modeling.


I decide to build model of a small room by a 3D app in iPad. I have use this app by about once or twice, so maybe it will be a very rough model.


Before I building my room model, I didn't draw the floor plan or do some sketches of room to make sure what will the room looks like, I just build what I want to build step by step. Bed is the most important thing in my room, then is the bedside table, and then is the carpet, then I'd like to build the table and then .......  When I finish building, I can see it is more like my roughly dream room.


When I build my room, I start realize that place is not just a location in the world, it has a lot of details inside. And also, there are lot of details inside these details. When some of them change the surface or the location, the whole place will looks different. 

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By Chemy Liu
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Published On: 08/04/2021