Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity



Shadowing - Matthew Rosier & Jonathan Chomko

"Eyes on"game we did in class.

Animation: Toonboom & AE
Coding: Processing (Sound tutorial:
I worked with Si this week. Si was responsible for the animation part, and I was responsible for the coding part. I used the Minim library and FFT function in the library to detect real-time sound level and used the sound levels as the triggers of animations.


We projected the animations on the cabinet in our classroom to pretend that there are two characters sleep inside it. When the room is quiet, 'Zzzz' will show on the cabinet which means someone is sleeping and the 'Zzzz' clips also will attract people when they come into the room, so people would probably be curious about what happens here. Then when you make some noise in the room a character will come out from the cabinet and be angry with you. And if you make a louder noise, another character who is angrier will come out. So this week's work is a funny interactive projection mapping based on the place and the sound.


'Place' has a really board meaning I think. Not only the location but also the people, the sound in the place should be taken into account.  In this week's work, we merged the place, the sound in the place and our imagination of the place together and made an interactive animation, which was a helpful exercise. The team-work experience was also great.

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By Qiannyu Ma
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Published On: 20/08/2019