Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


                I was inspired from the design of ‘eone’ watch. The original design of the watch is designed for blind people (universal design). By using clean geometric texture, the outcome is not only functional, but it also obtains the aesthetic of minimalism and abstract.


                I applied the shape and common appearance of watch and designed it in the different ways. By using Adobe After effect, I made a motion graphic of object falling in rhythm. Instead of making circulation motion, I used free-fall for the rhythm of the spheres’ motion. For the physical interact object, I used parts of circle which I reduce the shape from the design of the watch.


                I found some issued of making free-fall in rhythm, especially when fall objects touch other objects in the scene. There is difficulty of making convincing fall object animation in 2D software. Therefore, I could create animation that works similarly to real-world physic in 3D software.

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By Fawn Ritwiwat
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Published On: 28/08/2020