Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Play and Stillness


We have talked plenty of contemplative interactive games during the class. And the game Sky I had learnt ages ago but I never tried it. After APD class I think it is about time to comprehend the game by playing it. Once I started I was hooked. It was so relaxing while I was flying in the sky and enjoyed the view in the game. Then I realized how much people love sky and how it could bring the easeful feelings for us.I settled with using  sky as an element of my project. Then the article provided by Matt inspired me about mixing reality artworks. Then the part of seeing through the window appears and it is my favourite since I could stay in a familiar space but also appreciate another view. It feels very relaxing for me.


I took all the raven shots and clicked my sticks while I was walking, then cut them into half and tied it with strings to complete the frame. 

I searched lots of projection tutorials, trying to warp my projection map to fit the frame perfectly, but  I cannot connect my projector with my PC. However, it is worth trying since I learnt the basic knowledge about projection. And it's good to know how projection works and the possibilities it could present. Then documented the project while it is playing.


When I finished my project, I was so excited ,I shared my project with my friends, then three of them said it feels like a small window on my closet.I am thrilled since that is exactly what I  am trying to convey. A small wind through my closet and could have a glance of another space. Then the name 'Window' emerged.The process is extremely relaxing and the result is also very satisfying.Then only thing is I have not learnt how to warp my projection map into a 3d space,but I have learnt the possibilities.And I am so engaged with projection projects.I will definitely explore more in the future.


Riley ,M 2015, 'Contemplative Interaction in Mixed Reality Artworks'

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By Chloe Ma
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Published On: 13/10/2020