Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Play and Audiences



4D Cinema

4d film


We edited 3 clips that had strong contact between the first half and last half. For example, in the first clip, we put a gang fight scene at the beginning and then suddenly turn to a dance scene.  Then, according to our clips contents, we perpetrated some tools, for example sprinkling can, bubble wand, hair driers, small pieces of paper, electric toothbrushes, that we can use on our audience to create an immersive feeling. We showed one or two clips to audiences and preformed what happened in the clips with these tools. We recorded the processing of how we perform and how our audience react. It is really funny.



We found 7 audiences from our studio and recorded the processing of how we perform and how our audience react then made a funny video. Through our final video, you can find that different peoples’ different reactions to the same clip. 



When we thought about Play and Audiences, we interpreted the theme as “play our audience in person” directly. We want the interaction happened between people rather than between people and applications/software/games such medium. I spend much time to think about the interactivity between people and other media before, so this time I am happy that created some interactions happened between people in the physical world.

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By Qiannyu Ma
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Published On: 25/09/2019