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It's very common for people to understand that the word force may only lead to one thing: physics. But thinking deeply, force isn't as simple as pulling and pushing an object. Force can be something outside the laws of physics, but also a philosophy of life. If we think deeply, we've been hearing words like 'forces of nature' or 'forces of the universe'.

As what Obi-wan Kenobi says: “It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together." 

As fiction as it sounds, force can also be a very complex thing. If we think deeply, every object in this world created by human is actually taken from nature.

For example:

  • a single ceramic mug is actually made out of a combination of earth, heat, plastic, and sand. 
  • a toilet paper is actually made either from recycled paper or new paper, which both came from trees
  • a television screen is made from plastic, copper, metal, and many other elements which all came from earth.

Everything that we see and touch is basically from nature itself. Thus, this week's theme, I wanted to visualise how objects are just longing to be back in the force of nature.


I shot everything with my iPhone camera and I didn't plan any shots. The only thing I planned was not to move too much so it'll be easier for me to track the camera using Blender's motion tracking system.

I used the particle simulator from blender as well and create a bezier curve path so the particles may follow the curve, leading to outside the window.

And finally, after rendering every animation, I composited everything with after effects and edited using Premiere Pro.


Every objects we see are once a part of a force of nature. What if objects starts to disintegrate and slowly finds its way back to the force of nature and be one?


The idea of the force of nature is mainly from my last week's concept for play and place where I imagine everything we see through our phones are technically not reality, but merely wireframes and millions of data combined to one. This week, I somehow flipped the concept by separating the combined data to particles who are longing to go back home to nature.

The disintegration is actually me randomly thinking about Avengers Infinity War where Thanos disintegrated half of life in all universe as it disappears to the force of life. I also was inspired mainly by the tutorial on how particles follow a bezier path.

Thanos Snap:

Particle guide:

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By Alvin Khoe
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Published On: 07/04/2021


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