Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Theme: Play & Forces

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Method: Using the gravity plug-in in AE to explore external forces this week as well as considering how gravity can help me create a game project.


“Gravity effect”  by CodeLab - 

My inspiration first came from a short film of a non-profit organization which shared some programmed gravity effects, and visualized gravity in an interesting way. I tried to take gravity as an important element, designed a game for the purpose of exploration after being inspired.

3D Pinball developed by Maxis

As for the game design, the exploration of gravity in 3D Pinball is worth learning. With the help of this game, I set up the projects I want to achieve this week, aiming to influence the movement trajectory of objects by placing various obstacles in a single scene.


I talked to Sher about some of the setup for this project. At first, the game was set to be able to move a small ball horizontally on the top of the screen. By changing the horizontal position, the ball will collide with different objects and change the movement when it falls. Then, the ball must touch the required star to end this level.

Finally, I made two videos. The first one is a demonstration video to test the effect of gravity, mainly to study the influence of different parameters or object settings. The second one is a demonstration video of this game project.


    It was very difficult for me to make this project for the first time. I tried to learn some new software, such as processing and unity, to make a game or interactive project. However, the code editing involved in the project bothered me for a period of time, and I could only simulate the effect of the game in AE due to the time. Therefore, what I need to learn next should be  the game code, and try to make a game project or interactivity project in the future.

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Published On: 07/04/2021