Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Theme: Play & Forces


The theme of this week is Play and Forces. We have seen many works in class, among which one about the power of language impressed me deeply. In this work, the author use language to describe the scene of what she will see first, and then use the technique of painting to show the images after hear the language, it reminds me of the brain working process, when we hear some words we will automatically to use brain imaging, for example, when people hear the red box, we can probably imagine the appearance and color of the box. So in response to this week's theme I'm going to show the power of imagination by looking at the way the brain works.


This week, I used GIF as the carrier to respond to the theme. I used Procreate as a tool to make a simple GIF animation. Viewers can see a box in the animation, I compared it works like a human brain information processing system. When hearing the language, like the text box in the animation to be absorbed by the box, can be seen as the information processing system receives the external signal. Then you can see the shaking of the box, and the flicker and rotation of identifies on the box, this can be seen as the processing of the information is being disposed. And finally when the box is open the wind blow out, can be seen as the imagination transform the language into real things, to show how the impact of imagination can influenced in real world.


The theme of this week let me thought a lot, while the animation is very simple, but it made me see the various possibilities of forces, and for me I very want to continue this topic to explore the force of imagination, because I think this power can be very strong , it may inadvertently influence people's actions, even can produce certain effect to the surrounding environment. And I hope there may be an opportunity to pursue this idea in future Studio projects.


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By Rui Liu
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Published On: 06/04/2021