Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


In fact, after this week's class, I have pictures in my mind. But if I let myself create a visual experience hall with this effect, it would be a very big project. Not only that, I still don't have such a huge space and equipment. So I took my niece directly to this experience hall to experience it. All the activities here have almost the same effect as I expected. Interact with the lights, interact with the mirror, and even interact with yourself on the TV. So I used my camera to record some interesting photos in this experience hall.


Spend some money to experience it for me.


My niece is a child under 3 years old. 
But when she came into contact with these, everything felt very fresh and everything felt wonderful. 
It shows that this kind of projection project is really effective. 
Very catching children's attention. 
Not only that, as an adult, I also find it fun and enjoy it.


In fact, through this experience, I have a deep understanding. 
Because I like to do projects that combine reality and games. 
Just like the hologram I made this semester to show my model. 
In fact, I really care about the interaction between the player and the game. 
Because the previous forms of interaction were relatively rigid. 
It is the remote control and the TV, the keyboard and the monitor, the handle and the monitor, and so on.
And now some very interesting interactive devices are very attractive to me, such as holographic projection, AR, VR, and something like these.
I think these hardware devices really combine real and virtual items to produce a more playful form of interaction. 
For example, use your fingers to play with cartoon animals projected on the mirror on the mirror. 
For example, on a TV, you can project your influence on the TV through the camera and then chat with smart cartoon characters. 
There are many new things and many innovative interactive forms waiting for me to think and develop. 
I think getting in touch with more innovative and interesting things really helps me to be innovative in thinking about new projects in the future. 
Because the game is not necessarily only playable on the computer. 
There are many ways to produce interesting games in life if you combine them with virtual things. 
I think this is the feeling of science fiction coming into life.

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By Norton Chen
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Published On: 08/04/2021