Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


The theme of this week is play and place. The first thing I think of is puzzles, which form a complete place through limited information. So I want to make a more flexible puzzle form, with infinity and uncertainty.


I used 2 animations to present a small fragment.


In this video, as the edge shape approaches, by changing the rotation angle of the center object, the edge object completely fills the center object. You can think of it as the form of Tetris, but the only thing that can be changed is the angle of rotation of the intermediate object.  When more and more objects move closer to the center, players need to react faster and find a place suitable for them to stay.


In my initial conception, I was limited by the word place. Many scenes flashed through my mind to represent places.  But through some other people's works and references, I think the word place has many meanings, so I used the concept of suitable place.


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By Momo Wang
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Published On: 31/03/2021