Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


For this week’s theme of ‘Play and Stillness’, I tried to create a short animation in Adobe Animate and exported a GIF out of it.


To get the above-seen result, I first had to learn the basics of Adobe Animate, since I had only used it once before. After I got familiar with the interface and the basic tools, I started drawing out the initial frame of the animation. After that, it was all a repetitive process of creating new frames and drawing out the movements of the character. After I was done with the character, I wanted to add something more to the background, as it looked empty, so I went ahead and added the sun and the clouds to the scene. I created the animations for the sun and the clouds using the ‘Classic Tween’ animation tool, which fills out the motion using the start and the end frames.


As a response to this week’s theme, I made a GIF showing the idea of Stillness through waiting.


For this week’s theme, I wanted to do something different and something that was not 3D. That was the only thing that I was sure about. When thinking about the topic Stillness nothing much came into my mind except fishing, meditation, and yoga. I was thinking to do something along the lines of that, maybe create a 2D fishing game, where the player has to have the patience to catch something or maybe create a Zen-game when the player has to do some tasks to keep the character happy and calm. But none of that sounded fun to me. I decided to go with the idea of waiting after looking through the board that Matt posted on the TEAMS channel.

I also wanted to use a different software this week, so I went with Adobe Animate, which I was not so familiar with and had only used once before.

For this week’s theme, the idea of Play comes from experimentation and messing with the tools and it’s options in Adobe Animate. The idea of Stillness comes from the idea of waiting for the bus by standing still in a place.

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By Atul Shakya
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Published On: 14/10/2020


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