Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Play and Stillness


The idea is derived from my work of play and force( which used unity remote to deliver the force of the physical world to the virtual space.


Picking cold and warm colour palette of two stages of the scene. Then adjust 2D light to enhance the dark, cold and the bright, warm feelings.

For the interaction part, I use MakeyMakey to put the stillness behaviour in the interaction model. The device is linked with a little metal USB-driver which is cold and stiff. When players clench the metal and stay still, their hand will slowly warm up the metal and players will feel the subtle change of temperature. At the meanwhile, the touch of the player is like holding space bar on the keyboard. The scene will slowing transfer to warm colour and light goes brighter. If player keeps holding the metal, earth in the scene will shake and seeds under it will grow up.


In the work of stillness, I take the body temperature in consider. It's the first time I use MakeyMakey to making some interactive work. It feels like using the unity remote that they both set user free from the keyboard and mouse or analog sticks. Using these ways we can offer more intuitive experience by taking physical behaviour of players into the interaction process. Our body can take larger part in the interaction instead of play as a wire linked to keyboard and mouse.

About This Work

By Chengzan Dong
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Published On: 13/10/2020