Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Theme: Play and stillness


The jellyfish picture below was taken by me before in an aquarium

The jellyfishes gently swarm in water with soft light, which is very peaceful and quiet. And I stand in front of the jellyfish tank for a long time to enjoy the relaxing and clam moment these jellyfish brought me. At the time, the time and the world are like still, because I immerse myself in the beautiful scene totally.

Master Architect Frank Gehry Designs Koi Lamps Gracefully “Swimming” in Mid-Air 

Architect Frank Gehry produced Fish Lamps, a series of illuminated sculptures featuring graceful koi whose bodies twist and turn as if they're swimming through water. He used the still work to showed a vivid moment of fishes.

Other jellyfish artworks:


Collaborate work: Phoebe, Sophia, Qiannyu (we three did everything together, and Phoebe did an extra work editing video) 

  • Handmade:

          Made 8 jellyfish in different sizes using paper and wire. And add lights on the biggest three.

  • Jellyfish Setup:

          Found a good place to install the jellyfishes in our classroom. 

  • Project mapping test:

          Found 4 short videos token before when I traveled of the different beautiful sceneries for example cut fish,                    sunset and we projection mapping the videos the jellyfishes.

  • Film these jellyfish:

          Without projection mapping, the jellyfishes looked more quiet and pure. So we also filmed the jellyfishes                        themselves a lot. 

  • Edit video and behind scene process:

          Phoebe collected our footages and edited a good video showing our final work and work process.


We made a jellyfish installation and film them with projection mapping and without projection mapping both.
At first, we plant to use projection mapping to give the jellyfish installation different textures and backgrounds. Because we wanted to use the still jellyfish and changing backgrounds to create a contrast visual feeling. We expected the projection mapping would give us a great result. However, because we did not trim the video to a good size and did not beatify the videos, the projection mapper result was not as good as we imagine. But it was also a good experiment.

The installation allows people to gently interact and play for example touch, rotate. And some jellyfishes made by reflective paper, so they are shining and show beautiful reflective lights and shadows in dim light. I think themselves, their reflections and their shadows are all charming. 

About This Work

By Qiannyu Ma
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Published On: 14/10/2019