Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


I carefully reflected on the connection between the game and self. 
I express my inner thoughts by making a game. I have liked playing games since I was very young, and I have always had a dream in my heart to make a game of my own. Then I want to prove through this process that although I have been playing games very often, I can also use games to prove my value in the future. 
Because my parents repelled me from playing games when I was young, I wanted to use games to make myself fly higher and achieve higher dreams when I was growing up. 


This little animation is made by software called OUTLAW. 
The background music is a Chinese pop song.


Although this is a simple animation, the background music of this animation is Chinese pop music, which is very famous in China. It expresses that a bird dreams of flying higher every day. I want to express my connection with the game through this simple animation.


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By Norton Chen
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Published On: 08/04/2021