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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


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I wanted to turn myself into a cute anime girl.

Recently there’s been a boom in what people call ‘vtubers’ or ‘virtual youtuber’, where people use face tracking software and a custom model that lets them represent themselves as a digital avatar.

The model can be made either in 3D or 2D, but I’m more inclined towards 2D graphics, because I have more experience with 2D illustration than 3D modeling. Moreover, the aesthetic of anime graphics is more appealing to me as a way to characterize myself.


I’ve been exposed to live2D models through animated artwork and vtubers, but I’ve never actually tried to make one before.

The illustration part was rather time consuming, because I had to draw each movable element on different layers, so that I could make convincing movements on Live2D. Once I imported the psd file to Live2D I had to attach warp and rotation deformers for the necessary layers.

Once I set everything up, I recorded a generic video of myself to observe and mimic the movements through keyframing parameters.


The model moved as I intended but its depth and range were pretty limited. It was my first time using Live2D and Live2D modelling is notoriously time-consuming, so I didn’t finetune it too much. I did learn a lot about key

Observing myself, and my idle movements informed me of the many different minuscule movements that work together to make a character move.

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Published On: 01/08/2020




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