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All eyes on you -- Interactive Window

When people pass the window, all the eyes on the window will look at the people.  It inspried me a lot, because we are all under the observation of other people or other thing for example CCTV and the eyes on the window when I obersve somethings at the same time. So I put my self at the position of the observed ranther the observer in this week's work.


Software: Processing 

The key to achieve the results is use Atan2 function in Processing.

I found a tutorial and a example to learn Atan2 function: 




I did 3 tests.  In the first one, I added the eyes' number, random the eyes' pasitions and allowed the color changing as the mouse moving. In the second one, I allowed the eyes to open when mouse move to them. In this way, people could interact with the eyes by the mouse. In thrid one, I used webcam to detect red color and the eyes that are near the red will open. I run the third test on 4 computers and went through the computers holding a red plasticine, so the eyes would open and followed me when I pass. It looked like that these compputers looked me all the time.

About This Work

By Qiannyu Ma
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Published On: 01/08/2019