Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Weekly Theme: play and place


Actually I thought a lot about 'play and place', what impressed me a lot during the class is a Japanese project named 'playable city', it's so attractive and interesting as a public art design, which can make people happy and make the city more entertaining, but this is a big project for me now to achieve and complete, especially some big projects in reality, so I turned to explore some projects which only need to be achieved in a virtual way instead. I did some research on some vr projects and some 360° drawings on exploring the 'place' in VR world.

There are some related works which I chose to be my inspiration and reference, there is also including a video about how to make a VR drawing in photoshop.


Inspired by some VR projects, I did these 2d 360° painting in photoshop, you can watch it by move your device up and down.

At first, I drew the pictures in photoshop, actually it is not a real sense of 360° painting because what I drew are flat pictures, I was still exploring how to draw 360° picture in photoshop directly because it would be weired when a flat picture was watched in a vr perspective, it would be very ovious of the area where the pictures are stitched. One of them named 'starring sky', which is a dreamly world for people who could watch it with vr devices, I draw this picture by using crayon, and then inserted it into photoshop. Another one which is a digital painting in photoshop named 'haunted house', which is a kind of concept art in VR.


This is a good and simple way to get to know VR for me, and it's a good trial so that I can be more famliliar with how it is made, which can make it easy for me to do other similar works in the future. VR is a trend that more and more entertainment projects would be made with it in the future.

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By Sher Zhang
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Published On: 31/03/2021