Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Week 10

Weekly Progress Post

What I have been doing this week:

This week, I have been working on the materials of my models and lighting of the environments. I have finished doing the materials and lighting for the flat renders in Maya. I added one more environment 3d model to my existing 3 environment models this week because this additional environment is going to provide an entry point to the player in the game. All the documentation of work has been included with this post.

I have been doing the above stated work as I wanted to design all the environments of my models on my own. I wanted to do modelling, texturing, lighting in the creation of this game from start till the end. Creating everything from the scratch allows me to explore various things and learn new stuff and sharpens my skills.

Like the previous weeks, this week too, I have been researching a lot to enhance my knowledge and get to know about the latest ongoing trends in the industry. After researching, I added a “Related Works Post” to the MAGI website.

I had been learning a little bit of unity this week too. I even attended a Unity workshop this week conducted by one of our seniors. This workshop and learning Unity was a great experience and has definitely enhanced my knowledge.

Here is the impact of research and feedback that I felt happened over this week:

This week, just like the previous weeks, I have researched a lot and found inspiration to create my work. Before going to my work for the folio, I have been researching about the ongoing trends in the industry and reading about them. I even researched about various materials and lighting that help to enhance the 3d environments. I utilised that research and integrated that into my work. I have also received a lot of feedback and guidance by my mentors. The feedback has been really helpful in helping me work and ensuring that I am heading in the right direction. I also received feedback from my peers regarding sound design and interaction. My peers suggested that I make the concept more interactive. So I decided to add on more interactive elements to my environment so that it is more enjoyable to the user. My mentors also guided me with their valuable feedback regarding the creation of this game through consultations and that has been really useful and helpful in building the environments. I had received feedback from my mentors that I should be making the environments stand out and add uniqueness to each piece. I followed their feedback and watched great and amazing results.

What I am going to do next week:

Over the next week, I am going to:

Start: Next week, I am going to start with finalising the sound tracks for the environments. I will also be working towards the lighting of my works. I will also do the layout of the environments together as a single piece. I will also start working on the actual simulator creation.

Stop: Next week, I am going to stop with the alteration of the 3d models and work more towards the actual game.

Continue: Next week, I still plan to continue research and take feedback from my peers and mentors as that has been one of the most important aspect towards learning and enhancing my work. I will also keep learning unity as I go because leaning never stops.

The work done for this week has been attached with this post as PDF documents.

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Published On: 22/05/2020