Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This week we're starting to think about character. We'll be talking about the problem of externalizing internal states, of showing on the outside, through appearance, actions/reactions/interactions, through sound, what a character thinks and feels on the inside.  

We have chosen the premise –“The sun wants to go on vacation”.


Our character will be the Sun who is tired of his job as no one on Earth be thankful to him. Therefore, he quits his job and leaves the Milky Galaxy.

Our sun wants a vacation.

However, there are things in the way of his desire. The living balance of the Milky Galaxy has broken as the sun runs away. The sun also finds the Galaxy boring as he travels further.


After exploring the galaxy for a while, the sun begins to feel alone, without the sounds of the people of earth. 

Sun is bored and depressed. Suddenly he finds himself is about to get sucked into a black hole. 

Earth is lost and starts gravitating toward asteroids that threaten the lives of earth. The sun can see it from a far distance but there's nothing it can do as it gets pulled deeper and deeper into the dark pit.


The sun thinks of the people on the Earth. Everyone is yelling and screaming, they are hoping the sun will come back.  

The sun becomes delighted as he sees how much they need him, even if they don’t always appreciate him. He then regains his power and gets back to his original place. 

Sun finds the strength to stay for the people who love and need it and it’s not always a one-way relationship, while the sun has always been the source of energy for earth, in a way earth could also be the one to support the sun. 

To express the feeling inside the Sun, we personalize it as an office boy. Its changing emotion could be shown through the change of its colors. (Happier = red and brighter, depressed = yellow and dimmer).

The black hole is a metaphor to express the gradient of depression it has. When people are in depression, the support from others is the source to pull them back to reality and regain hope.