Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This work examines the idea of dialogue. This week, we chose the Wiki written by Mohen. My team wrote an important point to expand it. I drew a storyboard to show the dialogue.

By drawing a storyboard, I showed the dialogue between the three children living in the village. I gave them three different hairstyles and positions to distinguish them. The opportunity for their dialogue was a contradiction over whether firework should be made.

My inspiration is animal crossing. In this game you can get a lot of DIY manuals and go to make him. Considering this, I will show this story as a child who got a manual for making fireworks and wants to give it a try. There are also needed materials on hand. In this game as well, making DIY items requires some necessary materials.It is worth mentioning that blue and red are used in the storyboard, and the inspiration is the poster of Perfect Blue. I am really a big fan of kon.

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By Georgina Gui
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Published On: 08/04/2020








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