Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

A young woman inherits a mysterious box with no obvious way to open it. The story shows the increasingly bizarre ways she attempts to discover what it contains as she herself becomes progressively more frantic.

Act 1

Short shot of funeral, cut to executor of will handing over box to confused girl. First attempt at opening. Leaves on desk and goes to bed.


Can’t sleep, gets up and tries again, this time using an increasingly excessive array of tools including a knife, hammer, chainsaw, machete and flamethrower.


The woman gets so annoyed she throws the box out the window where it lands under a tree. The next morning a leaf falls on it and the lid opens (facing away from audience) and a child walks by and picks up the box and walks off.


This work examines how a character deals with a problem and how that can create a plot. The reason this would work for animation is that within that space the characters behaviour could be seen as more rational and things such as the machete shattering on impact with the box, or using a flamethrower inside are more 'believable'. It also allows the artist to play with the characters appearance. An example being how Edward in Fullmetal Alchemist changes physically when angry. Example 1, Example 2.

Initially I had planned for the woman to be able to open the box herself, but upon discussion in class I felt that it was more interesting to have her never find out what is inside. 

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By Hayley Wilson
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Published On: 01/04/2021


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