Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

In response to week 11 theme of review. I drew a scene for my scenario by using character/movement points. I choose the premise 'What if the building could walk on roads just like normal traffic?' and generated the idea of the living buildings. But I changed it into living City.

At first, I was thinking that building in the city can be functional with life. They can bend, lay down or fly. Since I started to do research, I was inspired by the illustration work 'Overwhelmed' by Andjela Jankovic( I thought that we look at the city as well as the city look at us, I need to change the angle of view--why can't a city alive? So I move on this idea and drew the scene. The gas the city blew turned into a cloud over the city, when the traffic jams, he lifts the building to make the driveway spacious, and everything in the city is part of him.

Also, the subway in Chongqin City, China provides me with creative thinking. The city can be functional and magical.


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By Shika X
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Published On: 21/05/2020