Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This work explores the concept of domestic horror. I feel this form of horror is one of the more effective forms of the genre, as the proximity of the home and the associations we make with it as humans (saftey, comfort, familiarity) produce a certain kind of fear and aprehension due to the invasive nature of the evil into our sanctum.

By using the method of stordyboards in this weeks response, I am able to effectively pace the scenes while choosing camera angles that create an emotional reaction for the viewer (for example, the shot of the doorway from the basement with our protagonist framed within the doorway eludes to both our main character and the audiences shared sense of dread. Producing a storyboard allows me to highlight the emotional aspects of the story though direction (camera angles, lighting) and pacing (close up on hands reaching the mirror - the classic "dont go in there" audience horror moment of anticipation.)

This work is similar in it's setting and filmic techniques to the works of Stanley Kubrick (The Shining) and Steven Spielberg (Poltergeist) In which an evil presence infiltrates the sanctity of the "home" and threatens our characters (and by extension our own) sense of comfort and safety.

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My reflection this week and the task we were presented with lead me to think about premise. The simple act of a character, their need or motivation and their relationship with their immediate environment . Often writers and artists tend to want to create something immediately interesting. this can occasionally come across as desperate for the audiences intrigue. I think after this week, I have learned more about the concept of the "beauty within the mundane" and how a simple and (on the surface) plain setting / premise can lead to something much more interesting. This in turn leads to more potential for surprises and twists in our narratives.

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