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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This week, I examine the premise wiki ‘What if people lose the ability to lie’ by Mohan Lei. By using this condition to set up the world of ‘lie doesn’t exist’ and present-day humans suddenly lose the ability to lie, there are the differences. According to Yaval Noah Harari, he mentions in his writing (Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind) that Humans are the only species that can created fiction. People have used lie to shape up the community or even the root of governing system, for example, In the ancient time, the Egyptians created the story that Pharaoh is a god that born to rule. As a result of ‘lie doesn’t exist from the first place’ possibly comes to the consequence that humankind will not or, at least, it is difficult to be civilized.

The concept of ‘present-day people lose the ability to lie’ has an interesting point, which what the society system will look like or how will the government remain their position or gain people’s trust without an oratory? What if there is a person remain to have the ability to lie among others, how this is going to ruin the whole system?

According to these ideas, I create this game plot.

  • What if after people lose the ability to lie, but the high society want to remain their situation?
  • The government hide the ugly truth from people by separating people who work for them from others, in order to keep their secrets.
  • The deal is the workers will get high income but will not get a chance to see or contact their family ever again.
  • After the incident of people losing the ability to lie, there is a girl who doesn’t lose the ability to lie. She keeps this ability as a secret and lives like normal.
  • She grew up and got marriage.
  • One day her husband disappears, she tries to use her hidden ability to find him.
  • What if when ever she uses her power affects her internal morality, how is she going to help her husband without losing herself. The difficulty of this game is that players have to maintain the balance of her morality so she will not have mental break down.   

This work is similar to the work of David Cage, whose works are adventure-action games – ‘Heavy Rain’ (2010).    

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Published On: 20/05/2020