Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

**The whole second week was me troubleshooting with my interactive system, testing my knowledge on Physics in the field of electricity and wrestling with keeping everything not falling apart. In the end, the focus is the designed system.


Concept expansion: Why must it be a mirror? Could it be a painting instead? What difference would it make if one of the two replaced the other?

Intention: This will be form of a journal of my research and practice for my intention of designing a physical and functional interactive system with Makey Makey, electrical circuits and programing in order to produce an installation which can demonstrate how the system works via the concept of memories imprinted within the walls.


Walls as archive for memories: A R Hopwood's 'False Memory Archive' at the Freud Museum London and Carroll / Fletcher Project Space and “Memory Wall” by Anthony Doerr published in 2010


Back to Scratch for coding

Parallel circuit = Reversing switches aka. double throw switches (see the attached map)


Primitive form of the interactive system

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Published On: 17/07/2020


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