Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Thumbnails for Triangle generated in Day of workshop.

1/07/2020 AGI Workshop Day 3

INTENTION; Further ideation


  • Reshoot Strike
  • set up remote camera
  • Rachael’s tripod/discuss shoot of cubes
  • Booking sheet/Booked Friday 1st WIP
  • Charge iPad
  • Print Wells (KC)/ Read Wells  
  • Stitch Carrot for Isobel

B)  Work on TRIANGLE, thumbnails
C) Brain breaks – response to discovered moments

A) Why - Re-aquaint self with set up/reshoot to reduce post
B) Why - Story conceived in Animated Narratives, became apparent that there are two stories within the one manuscript (as per Day 2).
C) Provides physical activity, stretches ideas, opens scope for more.

B) Who - August/Mazin (Scriptnotes), have been listening for a year. Better awareness of story telling (and script structures). Referencing ANIMATIONSKETCHBOOKS, by LAUra Heit (Thams and Hudson). Snowpiercer/ Joong. Seven Psychpaths

A) How – StopMotion and  RemoteCamera.
B) How - draw through with THUMBNAILS to see if I can resolve story issues through drawing (cfr writing)

A) MP4 of Strike/ possibly CUbes/
B) What - TRIANGLE on or off the table. Board of exploratory thumbnails.

Day 3

A) Keeping small TO DO list and crossing off periodically helped me keep on track, including directed use of time at end of day when tired and kids were fractious.

B) Experienced loss of confidence and purpose early in thumbnails process (after 1). Some reading of Wells helped direct other ideas to the surface. Aware of time running out, I used the last hour of the day to make one more thumbnail sequence – first outcome that I have liked. See how it stands up but it lets me go onto the next set of ideas knowing I have something to fall back on. More concrete that yesterday.

C) Used Brain Break to become tactile/engaged again. Camera set-up issues slowed me down which added to sense of losing purpose but referred to old notes (Studio 1/IOL) and got a workable set up. I decided to use materials and shooting/ straight-ahead to resolve image sequence, which did not work but a technique I will try again.

Reshot Strike with right set up of cameras and Rachael’s amazing tripod.

A surprise/shift/moment from your practice yesterday that helped you to refine or redirect your intention?

  • Awareness that time was running out and redirecting self with TO DO list
  • Moving back to an A3 bank pad after 20  years in A4 sketch pads and recently all digital thumbnails. Digital thumbnails allow the same organic movement but I have an imposed frame structure that makes the them scalable with correct ratio. NO BOUNDARIES.
  • REVERSED the role of the protagonist

An image/output from your practice from yesterday that demonstrates a significant step forward in terms of practice, it might relate to point 2, above or it might sit apart.  

  • Not sure but possibly last Triangle. Also Storytelling Process

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