Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

In week 11 I wrote my first sound design brief which I sent out to couple of sound artists. Uyen gave me an idea of what to write and she provided me with some contacts. Writing my first sound brief was a great learning experience and I’m really happy that I did it even if I can’t find a sound artist that can deliver in time. In doing so I developed a small synopsis which I can later use as a description of my work.  

I also worked on the scene from previous week since I wasn’t happy with the result. With lots of hard work I was able to finally have the final illustration. After that it was time to animate so I started with blinking and figured out the duration. In order to create minimal movement in the scene, I tried lots of different things and was unsuccessful. So, I had a chat with Clarice from studio 2 who runs the 2D animation club and she gave me some recommendations which was really helpful and eventually I was able to create better movements in the scene.

This week I also did a little presentation of my work in progress which went great and I got some awesome feedback from the class. I also had a consultation with Uyen which helped me come up with plan B and plan C for the sound and voice over for my work in case I can’t achieve what I want under the circumstances that I’m in at the moment.

Moving forward I need to start putting things together to get a feel of how it would look at the end also it will allow me to figure out the rough duration of the work. I need to continue improving the sequences that I have made previously and put the final touches and I need to stop adding new scenes unless it’s for the beginning or the ending credits of the work.

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By Helia Ghasemzadeh
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Published On: 14/10/2020